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Day Hiking Snowshoes

Garneau Appalaches 2 Snowshoes
There are some winter days where it's way too nice outside not go out for some fresh air. Snowshoeing is a simple and affordable option, and the Appalaches meets your needs. This model is perfect for a stroll in the paths nearby. Its proven sturdiness and reliability make it a snowshoe you can count on to enjoy the outdoors. With its easy to use conventional fastening system, the Appalaches is an accessible model for all types of budget but also for those who just want to go play outside. - User Profile: Day Hiking. Snowshoes designed for winter hiking enthusiasts seeking to improve their physical condition while exploring backcountry or neighboring trails. - Snowshoes Frame: 6061-T6 aluminum anodized frame. Light and sturdy. Contour frame: Proven ergonomics for a natural stride and optimized surface area with great snow shedding capacities - Harness: Contact Trad is ratchet-based for a moccasin loose fit or tight boot cinch. - Closure System: Fasteners with ratchet buckle system: Light, practical and simple adjustment - Crampons: Crux crampons for easy grip and non-snag operation on day hike outings. - Pivot: Freeflex X pivot, 30mm in width, is the biggest and most reliable of its type in the industry. It supplies a robust yet flexible suspension. - Decking: Polymer molded deck. Light, sturdy, and resistant down to -40°C. Ribbed deck clips for traction and an ultra robust frame connection. Snowfree surface: Excellent snow shedding from deck. - Ergonomics: ErgoStream frame profile for easy walking in powder. - Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty - Snowshoes Sizes: 825-930-1036mm - 825 User weight: 100 - 220 lb / 45 - 100kg - 825 Snowshoes weight: 4.42 lb / 2.2kg - 930 User weight: 150 - 250 lb / 68 - 113kg - 930 Snowshoes weight: 5.3 lb / 2.4kg - 1036 User weight: 200 - 300 lb / 90 - 136kg - 1036 Snowshoes weight: 5.7 lb / 2.6kg
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