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One Way BC Offtrack
A dependable pole is critical in extremely difficult skiing conditions. The BC Offtrack is secure in your hand and performs well off the track, especially in deep snow. - Shaft Diameter Combined: 16:9 mm - Shaft Material: ALU 6013 - Lengths: 145 - Weight Per Meter: 115g
Salomon Kaloo Junior
$24.99 - $25.00
Durable, lightweight, and comfortable in smaller hands, Kaloo is ready for any jr ski day. Strong - Aluminum provides strength and stiffness Junior Ergonomy - The right size and shape grip to fit kids hands Lightweight - High-quality aluminum shaft is strong and light Kids basket - Smaller basket tailored to kids.
Scott 540 Ski Pole
The SCOTT 540 has a stable 18mm S2 aluminum shaft combined with a unique design and with a 3.6 disc basket. In 2015-16, The SCOTT 540 makes its debut with a transparent, soft-touch grip.
Scott Koko Ski Pole
The SCOTT Koko has a fresh and exceptional design. Grab them and go ski. P-Lite Grip The P-Lite Grip is engineered to blend ergonomic comfort with material durability. FX 24 Strap The FX 24 strap is a parallel strap. It features an over-molded buckle and is slightly slimmer than the FX 15X25 strap. 3.6 Disc Basket The 3.6 Disc Basket incorporates a high standard of engineering and design, blending aerodynamic efficiency and durability. The 3.6 disc basket is 6 centimeters in diameter.
Salomon Arctic Lady
$40.00 - $50.00
With a specific grip designed to fit women's hands, the lightweight ARCTIC LADY pole is strong, durable, and can be matched to all Salomon ski graphics. Lightweight - High-quality aluminum shaft is strong and light Ergonomic feel - Specific bi-material all-mountain grip designed for women comfortably supports the hand. Color-matched to skis - Full selection of colors allows you to match any ski in the range All-mountain women basket - A versatile basket for women who like to ski the whole mountain.
Salomon X North
There's tons of value in this durable, lightweight aluminum pole that matches lots of Salomon skis. - Aluminum provides strength and stiffness - High-quality aluminum shaft is strong and light - Great performance at a great price - Interchangeable basket system - Mono Material All Mountain grip
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