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The SCOTT 540 has a stable 18mm S2 aluminum shaft combined with a unique design and with a 3.6 disc basket. In 2015-16, The SCOTT 540 makes its debut with a transparent, soft-touch grip.
The easy to use Diamond 3 is the basic performance pole for beginners. Exit Strap, Cork Grip, and 11mm XC Basket are easy to handle, comfortable, and durable all winter long. Shaft Diameter Combined 16:11 mm detail option #2 Shaft Material Fiberglass 100% detail option #3 Lengths 125 - 165 (5cm) detail option #4 Swingweight 180 kgm² detail option #5 Balance Point 707 mm detail option #6 Breaking Load 650 N detail option #7 Stiffness 35 mm detail option #8 Weight per meter 112 g
The SCOTT Koko has a fresh and exceptional design. Grab them and go ski. P-Lite Grip The P-Lite Grip is engineered to blend ergonomic comfort with material durability. FX 24 Strap The FX 24 strap is a parallel strap. It features an over-molded buckle and is slightly slimmer than the FX 15X25 strap. 3.6 Disc Basket The 3.6 Disc Basket incorporates a high standard of engineering and design, blending aerodynamic efficiency and durability. The 3.6 disc basket is 6 centimeters in diameter.
A dependable pole is critical in extremely difficult skiing conditions. The BC Offtrack is secure in your hand and performs well off the track, especially in deep snow. Shaft Diameter Combined 16:9 mm detail option #2 Shaft Material Alu 6013 detail option #3 Lengths 120 - 165 (5cm) detail option #4 Swingweight - detail option #5 Balance Point - detail option #6 Breaking Load - detail option #7 Stiffness - detail option #8 Weight per meter 115 g
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