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Head The Show + ATTACK2 GW
For adolescents or adults alike: The Show is the perfect launch pad into the world of freestyle skiing. The easy handling makes it easy to go down the piste in any direction. You'll also be nailing your new tricks in the half pipe in no time with the help of this versatile, agile companion. The narrow waist helps you keep control of the skis below you at all times. The construction also gives you perfect edge control and fast responsiveness. And the cool design, well it just steals the Show. BINDING The ATTACK² 11 GW is a powerful, safe and stylish binding for allmountain skiers and contemporary trick-savvy freeskiers. - Sandwich Twintip Construction - Highly Transparent UHM Base - PNP Rocker
Head V-Shape V2 + PR 11 GW
The construction is what makes the V-Shape V2 such a special ski. From the start, you feel how easy it is to turn with the broader shovel. You can make confident turns in no time at all. And the longer edge gives you more stability and control. That makes your confidence grow every time you try. The V-Shape V2 is also an ideal choice if you are coming back to skiing after a break. BINDING The PR 11 GW all-mountain binding is suited to both novices and advanced skiers. It has a new heel piece and is perfectly compatible for use with Alpine and GripWalk ski boots. - LYT Tech Construction - ERA 3.0 - Power Fiber Jacket Construction - Synthetic Core - Structured UHM C Base - Allride Rocker
Head V-Shape V4 + PR 11 GW
Your skiing technique is already developed, but your confidence level holds you back a little when it comes to higher speeds or steeper terrain. The V-Shape V4 is the ultimate confidence booster. Its geometry and broader shovel actively help you initiate your turns. The narrower tail gives every turn a smooth finish. As your confidence grows, you will race up the learning curve. BINDING The PR 11 GW all-mountain binding is suited to both novices and advanced skiers. It has a new heel piece and is perfectly compatible for use with Alpine and GripWalk ski boots. - LYT Tech Construction - ERA 3.0 - Graphene - Power Sidewall Jacket Construction - Light Composite Core - Structured UHM C Base - Allride Rocker
Head V-Shape V6 + PR 11 GW
The V-Shape V6 is perfect for experienced skiers. It's like finding the friend you've always been looking for. A friend who can handle any terrain. A true friend who stays the course, no matter what. You can put the foot down on piste, or smoothly master off-piste terrain. In the process, you will become a better skier. BINDING The PR 11 GW all mountain binding is suited to both novices and advanced skiers. It has a new heelpiece and is perfectly compatible for use with alpine and GripWalk ski boots. - LYT Tech Construction - ERA 3.0 - Graphene - Power Sidewall Jacket Construction - Wood Composite Core - Structured UHM C Base - Allride Rocker
Fischer Spider 62 Crown + Control Step-in IFP Binding
Fischer’s most popular steel-edge ski. Light and stable, with the exceptional climbing ability of the Offtrack Crown all-terrain climbing system. An excellent choice for skiers looking for a highly versatile ski. Speed Grinding Universal stone grinding for perfect gliding properties in all snow conditions. Nordic Rocker Camber Slightly opened ski tips for perfect gliding properties in unprepared terrain. Enables lighter turning with less effort. Steel Edge Narrow steel edge along the entire length of the ski. Guarantees constant edge contact on every surface. Air Tec Steel Edge Air channels combined with new, very light wood types. Weight-optimized core for steel edge skis. Offtrack Crown New climbing system in all terrain, especially away from the prepared tracks and also in difficult terrain conditions. Developed exclusively for Fischer. Control Step-in IFP New TURNAMIC Touring binding with very user-friendly entry mechanism and high skiing comfort with maximum stability and ski control. Individual adjustment possible in seconds and tool-free.
Salomon NFX Jr Ski
NFX Jr REF. 376917 Show the big kids what you can do. Fact sheet Weight 2190 Side Cut Tip 92 Side Cut Waist 76 Side Cut Tail 84 Radius 19,6 Boot Midsole 495 Side Cut Tip 99 Side Cut Waist 78 Side Cut Tail 91 Radius 16,2 Boot Midsole 540 Side Cut Tip 106 Side Cut Waist 80.1 Side Cut Tail 94.9 Radius 15,6 Boot Midsole 585 Side Cut Tip 122 Side Cut Waist 85 Side Cut Tail 112 Radius 10.7 Boot Midsole 659 Side Cut Tip 122 Side Cut Waist 85 Side Cut Tail 112 Radius 14.2 Boot Midsole 708 Weight per ski 1095g @130 Composite - Combination of fibers that reduces weight, and adds maneuvrability and forgiveness. Monocoque - Single structural layer of fiber. Optimal for comfort, response and maneuverability.
Salomon Stance 96
The marquee ski in Salomon's brand-new Stance offering an unrivaled strength-to-weight ratio, The latest and greatest in directional carving, ensuring a butter-smooth ride at any speed. Two titanal plates run the length of the ski to provide impressive edge grip in hard conditions and release torsional stiffness for poppy, powerful turns. Edge grip - When a race inspired sidecut pairs up with double Ti construction the result is confidence inspiring edge grip whether you are laying down a turn on piste or off. Maneuverable and progressive - A progressive frontside sidecut teams up with a full poplar woodcore and C/FX creating unmatched confidence when you're railing a turn on piste or racing through the glades. Power - Metal Twinframe technology pairs with C/FX and a double Ti laminate to create a damp, hard charging ski that inspires confidence regardless of speed, terrain or conditions. Full Poplar Woodcore - A full Woodcore construction maximizes liveliness, stability and ski-to-snow contact while filtering vibrations. Double Ti - Double layer of titanal, one on either side of the core, improves hard snow performance. It increases precision, offers a good edge grip and improves responsiveness. Metal Twin Frame - A titanal top core TI layer provides improved stability, while the recessed windows, strategically placed in the tip and tail, frame Salomon's proprietary C/FX fiber layer to help release torsion for increased maneuverability and dampening. Recommended bindings - STH2 WTR 13 - Warden MNC 13
Fischer Stunner Jr Ski w/Binding
$239.99 - $279.99
For the kids just starting tricks in the terrain park or for an easy turning twin tip ski Fischer offers the Stunner package. This ski has an easy versatile shape for on or off piste skiing. Kids will expand their range with the Stunner. The ski is sold with Fischer Rail integrated bindings.
Fischer Ranger 98 Ti Ski
The Ranger 98 Ti is the middle ground men's ski in the Ranger series. It has a 132 mm tip, 98 mm waist, and 18 m radius (at 180 cm). The ski is designed for big mountain purposes, and holds a wide variety of technology intended for powder and other varied conditions. However, its dimensions are also designed to hold up on groomers and more everyday terrain as well. For something similar but wider, check out the Ranger 108 Ti. And for something similar but skinnier, check out the Ranger 90 Ti. The Ranger series focuses on big mountain tools intended to charge a wide variety of terrain, mainly outside of the groomers. This is an all-new series for Fischer, and the company has combined several technologies to make it the best they can: A carbon tip decreases the ski's weight and is designed to improve maneuverability. Aeroshape, Air Tec Ti, and Air Carbon technologies combine a plethora lightweight materials to further decrease the ski's overall weight. Air Tec additionally integrates titanal in the ski, which is designed to increase stability, especially underfoot, for sending it off big cliffs and handling harsh landings. Lastly, Freeski Rocker, Fischer's most aggressive rocker profile, lifts the tips and tails up and over power and other varied terrain in an attempt to make your ride down the mountain as smooth as possible no matter what the snow is like. If you're looking to huck cliffs, send chutes, and bomb down variable snow conditions on a regular basis, or just want something burlier than a strictly-groomer ski, this is the best series Fischer has to offer you.
Salomon N QST Myriad 85
QST MYRIAD 85 delivers fun and excitement with a woodcore and basalt reinforcement for stability and confidence, shaped into an easy-to-turn all-terrain rocker shape that's fun in every condition. Get ready to smile as you discover a new level of skiing. Versatility - The adapted easy flex delivers the optimum balance of floatation, stability, and precision for any terrain or snow condition. Forgiving - Easy Flex is a softer flex profile that's easier for lighter freeskiers to drive. Edge Grip - Monocoque construction provides great edge grip and easy maneuverability.
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