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Fischer Summit Crown IFP w/Binding
The tried and true, low cost, go-anywhere waxless ski! Don't be fooled by the low price - the Summit Crown is at home on well-groomed tracks at your favorite touring center and equally happy breaking your own trail at the local park. These are great skis for both casual or serious skiers or racers who want a break from the busy trails and are ready to go off-trail exploring. Lively, versatile and affordable, the Summit Crown is constructed with Fischer's Shortcut camber for easy, secure kick, good glide, and great maneuverability, Airtec Wood Core for outstanding durability, and sintered, high-quality bases.
Fischer Spider 62 Crown
Fischer Spider 62 Skis deliver unrestricted enjoyment and healthy, winter exercise. The marquee performer of the Fischer Skis out-of-track cruising series of light-weight, compact length, all-around backcountry touring skis. The Spider 62 ski is the perfect do-it-all tool for exploring beyond the backyard, heading down a snowmobile trail, blazing tracks through the snow country. Even satisfies the occasional urge to hit up the local touring center for a fast kick and glide session. Intermediate and advanced skiers will appeciate this ski's full length metal edges and premium waxless skis performance. Excelling off-trail, the Fischer Spider 62 features an optimally designed compact length, increasing stability when floating in deeper snow, as well as maneuverability when navigating tight trees. Other highlighted features of the Fischer Spider 62 out-of-track explorer cross country skis include the proprietary Fischer Skis Offtrack Crown waxless pattern, a positive scale pattern that offers excellent kick stride gliding on flat and rolling terrain, as well as unmatched grip on traverses and heading up hills. Highly durable Sintec base on the front and and rear glide regions of the ski can even accept hotwax for superior glide if desired. (See below for our recommendation to simply apply a liquid glide wax. No mess, and effortlessly improves ski glide plus prevents snow from sticking to ski bases.) Unique Nordic Rocker Camber technology noticeably improves turning in all types and depths of snow. Perfect kick stride gliding properties, with less effort, is also achieved. Lightweight Air Channel wood core has a snappy feel for a lively kick. The Fischer Spider 62 nordic skis are packed with technology and ideally suited for skiers seeking a performance ski with as much glide as it has grip. We recommend simply applying a quick coat of liquid glide wax before each outing, such as Swix Easy Glide (see accessories below), to improve ski glide and prevent snow from sticking to ski bases. sidecut (width of skis): 62mm tip - 52mm middle - 60mm tail The Fischer Spider 62 cross country skis are compatible with any NNN / BC NNN, SNS or 75mm-3pin binding systems.
Fischer Outback 68 Crown
From the front door away without trail into the pleasure and you only need a snow cover of 8-10 cm - that's Offtrack! And Fischer offers you the best equipment! If the route is a little longer than expectec... The Outback 68 is a stable steel edge model and brings you far from any trail safely through changing terrain! - The Outback 68 comes without NIS-Plate! Sidecut: 68/59/64 Weight: 1990 g (Length 179 cm) Base: Sintec -Air Tec Steel Edge -Nordic Rocker Camber -Offtrack Crown -Speed Grinding -Steel Edge Length recommended by manufactorer: < 69 kg - 169 cm 65-89 kg - 179 cm > 85 kg - 189 cm
Fischer Superlite Crown Ski
The Super Lite Crown of fishing is the top model for runners who seek absolute skiingpleasure. Significant weight reduction thanks to Power Layer. The new Vario Crown makes for easy power transmission and homogeneous glide. - Thus numerous enjoyment rounds are inevitable. -Power Layer Technology -Air Core Basalite -Vario Crown -Base finish: Speed ??Grinding -Sidecut: 47/43/45 -Weight: 1300 g (length 197 cm) Length recommended by the manufacturer: <90 kg: 207 95 - 90 kg: 202, 207 80 - 84 kg: 197, 202 75 - 79 kg: 197, 202 70 - 74 kg: 192, 197 65 - 69 kg: 187, 192 60 - 64 kg: 187, 192 55 - 59 kg: 182, 187 50 - 54 kg: 177, 182 > 49 kg: 172, 177 This ski is delivered WITHOUT binding.
Fischer Traverse 78 Crown/ Skinable Ski
From the front door away without trail into the pleasure and you only need a snow cover of 8-10 cm - that's Offtrack! And Fischer offers you the best equipment! The Traverse 78 is equipped with the exclusive climbing-aid combination: If Offtrack Crown in steep terrain has no grip anymore, Fischer Easy Skin shows it strength! So no more limits at outdoor-adventures. - The Traverse comes without NIS-Plate! Sidecut: 78/61/69 Weight: 2190 g (Length 179 cm) Base: Sintec -Air Tec Steel Edge -Offtrack Crown & Fischer Easy Skin -Speed Grinding -Nordic Rocker Camber -Steel Edge Length recommended by manufactorer: < 69 kg - 169 cm 65-89 kg - 179 cm > 85 kg - 189 cm
Fischer Excursion 88 Crown /Skinnable
With its Offtrack Crown climbing system the robust steel edge ski Excursion 88 performs extremely well in terrain. If the terrain is too steep, however, Fischer Easy Skin is added and makes any climb possible. Both climbing features are exclusive – made by Fischer. Exclusive climbing system for steel edge skis If Offtrack Crown no longer grips in steep terrain, it's time for Fischer Easy Skin. Just like using snow chains, Easy Skin can be added as required and removed again before the downhill. Quickly and easily!
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